About us

The Idea:

India is one of the most diverse countries of the world, there is absolutely no room for doubt about that. Every corner of the country has some surprises packed for us, there is so much colour, ready to explode in every nook and cranny. This vastness of the culture has always kept me in an awe! Through Imli, I aim to explore and popularise one of the most basic facet of any culture: its art forms. Every art form has a story to tell, a picture to paint. Unfortunately, the fast pace of the urban lifestyle is depriving us of these stories, culture and colour. Therefore, I wish to embed these missing pieces in our lives, as we chase happiness, effortlessly.

The mission:

To urbanise the Indian Folk Art and thus help the folk artists bask in the glory of the past. 😊

The name:

East, West, North or South, if you have spent your childhood in India, you must have had come across an Imli (tamarind) tree for sure! I too had one In front of my house, while growing up. It is the first fruit that I remember plucking and eating directly from the tree. It was sour, true, but the memories of it are some of the sweetest ones I possess! 

As an ode to that nostalgia, I decided to go forward with this name.

The goal:

Added with a dash of quirkiness, we aim to speak the story - that no matter who you are, art is something that will always embrace you, just be ready to accept the warmth!

Also the quirk factor wants to prove the point that how accepting our folk art is. It can be symbiotic with any colour or pattern, it does not always need to be traditional, it can be as cool as you want it to be and yet hold on to its roots - you can relate, don't you? 😉

Long story short, we just want to take you, the busy yet quirky urban population of our times, on an adventure to explore the richness of our country's art. So hop on the magic carpet and get ready to go back home!


Imli by Pallavi

 - Pallavi